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Left Hander
In case you didn't know it, your pastor is left handed. At times this is handy, other times not so much. Whether right handed of left, that dominate hand can do much more than the other can. For instance, I can shoot a basketball pretty good with my left hand but if I used my right I don't think I could even get the ball to the basket. Shooting the ball with my right hand feels awkward and honestly is a bit embarrassing. However, if I started training my right hand to shoot a basket, eventually it would become natural.
There are many things in life that can feel awkward at first but with time and experience become very natural. One of these things is evangelism. It can be hard to know what to say or when to say it. If you are naturally introverted it becomes even more difficult. Evangelism however is quite simple when you realize that it is simply nudging a friend closer to Jesus. This could be a prayer, a word or an action. But the point is being intentional in practicing these nudging skills. By so doing we become confident in sharing Jesus with the community around us.
                                                                                  -Pastor Cary Fry